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Do you do bareback?

Look this one is pretty simple NO! under no condition will I do bareback, this is for both parties safety. Once it has been requested there is a very good chance i will not accept a booking from you. If you were willing to go there with me, the chances are you will have been there with someone else. You're health might not matter a shit to you but mine most certainly does.

If this comes up during a booking I will politely decline, the offer of extra money does not make the idea more attractive sorry. However, if you press me on the matter you are very likely to see a side of me you had not wished too.

I was once bugged so badly to put my self at risk I said:

"OK fine you win, I give up, go ahead..... Before you do I should probably tell you I am HIV positive I wouldnt want to find my self up on a manslaughter charge for not informing you."

That was a very effective way of dealing with it it turned out, he shriveled away as he gasped:

"WHAT, shit, really?"

To which I informed him:

"No of course not you twat! but I could have couldn't I! And you seem hell bent on trying to find out."

So, if you wish to remain on my good side a dinner jacket is required before access is granted!

Cherry xxx